Rei Hino [火野レイ]
A hot blooded, strong-willed, yet stoic, and serious individual. Due to her estrangement to her father, Rei has (some what) sworn herself from men, feeling a distrust towards most of them. She is the present incarnation of Sailor Mars.

RP Character:
My name is Rei Hino, a Miko, and I live with my grandfather at the Shinto Shrine. I attend T.A. Girls' Academy (a private missionary school) Though I may have close friends, I choose not to partake in "most" of their activites. I tend to bicker back & forth with Usagi, but it is simply my way of showing her I care, even if she doesn't take it that way. And last but not least, I am the fiery-priestess herself, Sailor Mars

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